Sweden Wins Pt.3: The Tiny

Sorry for slacking the last week, my unreliable body decided to get sick, that bastard. Anyhow, I am back again and as autumn is finally here to cover us up with a warm and cozy melancholic feeling and the promise of Halloween, I got something very autumny for you.

After I assembled my autumn-playlist, I realised that my musical autumn is very theatrical, very opulent and best with a Cello.
Which means that Swedish band The Tiny are pretty much the epiphany of my autumn mix.
With the somehow Scandinavian and therefore very incredible sounding vocals from Ellekari Larsson, and Leo Svensson on cello we get songs that seem to be born out of old romantic folk tales, where two want another but are divided by fate, wild rivers and dark shadows. The lyrics therefore don’t have to be too metaphorical and tell honest stories about love and lost love and everything inbetween. Their new album “Gravity and Grace” will come out on October 14th.
I think, it’s a good thing, if music makes you wanna pick up a book and get lost in the pages and The Tiny definitely achieve that.


Their website is also recommendable, it’s simplistic but very cute.

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