The Black Atlantic

NEVER miss the supporting band. Sure, 2 out of 3 times, the support is lame, boring and horrible but sometimes you find wonderful music and you would regret having missed them if they are big and famous years later.
The Black Atlantic played the support for Windmill and although their music is different, the mood of it is quite similar.
You get a solemn and uplifting warmth in your heart when you listen to their great harmonies. The Black Atlantic are one of those bands that switch stations with every song, which means that everyone pretty much plays everything.
It’s difficult to explain why their folk sound with (minor and good) country-moments is so unique. I guess, it’s this timing and the delicacy of each detail. The layers of their sound are like velvet and I bet if we all would listen to more The Black Atlantic, we would be better people (I think the same about Windmill but don’t tell them, they are cocky enough, already).

Fragile Meadow

PLUS: You can get their album “Reverence for Fallen Trees” for free on this site! I have, but I probably will buy a solid one also, because the artwork is lovely.


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