Say Hi (to your Mom)

Meet your regular bearded songwriter aka Eric Elbogen.
But there is something anachronistic in his sound, like the echoes of the 80s without the pathos. Actually, I have to think of a grown up Eugenne McGuinness when I hear songs like “Oh Oh Oh Oh…”. This results in strikingly beautiful lo-fi pieces that haunt you with a dry sadness like a lump in your throat that won’t go away.
You know, I get the impression that whenever so-called “nerds” start to make music, it’s so much better than what the so-called “cool kids” put out there. So, the fourth album of Say Hi (formerly known as “Say Hi to your mom”, I wonder why they changed it, I like it) was mainly about vampires and also about Star Trek. This might be horrible in the hands of someone who has no idea about creative and sharp songwriting but Eric manages superbly.
But that’s probably a given if you have such a huge output. Say Hi have released 6 albums since 2002, the latest being “Oohs and Aahs”.

One, Two…One (in this video we learn that women can’t aim at all, especially not at dudes with beards and guitars on a green field)


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