I hate guilty pleasures

This is no fun bandname (and if you now think, no wait, this is cool, I am going to name my band after this, please drop me a thanks on your album-cover) but a confession a la mode with head hanging, blushed cheeks and a hardly audible mumbling.

I can’t help it but Lady Gaga’s piano version of “paparazzi” is catchy. Damn catchy. I mean, alone the endless intro is fantastic because it probably annoys chart-radio-listeners to death because they are not used to long intros where no stupid DJ is babbling along until the vocals set in.

And I was really surprised by her voice because on her album she sounds more like a so-so singer who is well produced. But that girl can sing.

So here it is, my shame. But is it really? Just because she is famous and is set on heavy rotation, does that mean that she isn’t credible? Because listening to this song, I think she is. I only wonder why she isn’t playing music like this all the time but has to add all those creepy 90s-dance-tunes to those actually well-crafted songs.


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