Sweden Wins Pt. 4 – Miike Snow

Miike Snow are a Swedish band, founded in 2007 who play electro pop along the lines of Hot Chip.
There is a lot of 80’s disco and dance-music to be found in the songs but the haunting quality of Scandinavian electro acts is always there to save the songs almost always from too much cheese.
No wonder, the producing/songwriting duo Bloodshy & Avant (aka Cristian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg) are part of the trio and celebrate clever pop music together with singer/songwriter Andrew Wyatt. Bloodshy & Avant have worked with artists like Madonna, Britney and Kylie Minogue. Reason enough for me to be suspicious but whatever you might think of those female popstars, their music is brilliantly produced and Miike Snow incorporates that skill mighty fine into their own music.
Therefore, the occasional trips to Erasure-land can be endured because songs like “A horse is not a home” or “Animal” are quite beautiful, the latter being one of my favourite songs of 2009 so far.

Animal (I can’t decide whether I like the video or not)

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