The Low Anthem

In case you haven’t heard of them, this is one of the bands of 2009 who made folk proud.
I actually hesitated to write about them because I thought that they are old news but I just can’t get around The Low Anthem because songs like “cage the songbird” are nearly spiritual.

Cage the Songbird

It’s the wide range of only the best of country and folk in America that makes their music so brilliant. Ben Knox Miller and Jeff Prystowsky – the solid base of the group – have been in bands of all types and genres and therefore know how to play confident and professionally.
Some angry Bob Dylan in “Champion Angel” or this anachronistic Fleet-Foxes feel in “Charlie Darwin”, The Lown Anthem feel like tired souls, dusty roads and strong hearts. Ben Knox’ voice is like nighfall and sometimes even has the soft timbre of Peter Gabriel (you can’t get better than that). I haven’t heard that much folk-range since the Deadly Snakes who are my personal all-time favourites when it comes to garage-folk-whatnot music, so let’s hope, they keep on playing so long that I can take my great-grandchildren to their concerts.

The Horizon is a Beltway (hell, I love musicians who obvisiously have fun whilst playing, especially if their location looks like a serial killer’s hideout)

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