Boy Eats Drum Machine

On his myspace page it says Turntable-Nerd which might be the first time, I heard those two words combined. I didn’t think that it was possible or would work but it does.
Boy Eats Drum Machine is a lot of fun, in fact “Two Ghosts” is next to Windmill’s “Big Boom” the one song that gets you out of every winter-depression (I know, it’s not even winter but we’re already depressed, gee…). Many of his songs are less silly and pop-inspired, he more often dives into turntable-weirdness, like a mad scientist/DJ but it’s mesmerizing because you want to know in which direction he turns the songs. And his voice is pretty awesome. In real life his name is Jon Ragel but Boy Eats Drum Machine is much more cooler, which means that whenever you meet him, you have to call him exactly that. Maybe with an added Mr, you don’t want to be impolite.
So here we go, some turntable-nerdiness by Mr Boy Eats Drum Machine:

The Crack In The Sea (he actually reminds me of Jamie Lidell, the way there are so many things going on, although the two girls in the background are a bit distracting in the way that they don’t remind me of Jamie Lidell.)

And don’t forget the homepage, it’s really sweet and was cooked with love, sweet love, you can tell by the smiling clouds.


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