My favourite Halloween Songs

Here is a poorly written BEST OF of my favourite songs used in Horror movies, plus one that is not used in any horror movie but is just awesome and kinda fits the theme.

Ode to the 80s – Gerald McMahon – Cry Little Sister

Because The Lost Boys is the best Vampire Movie for teens and Twilight sucks pumpkins in comparison.

(I did the big mistake to fall into the great Sisters of Mercy mix-up that circulates around the internet, of course, it’s the multitalented Mr McMahon who performed this song for “The Lost Boys”) (I then made the mistake of both using “did” for “mistake” and also spelling McMann!!! wrong, obviously on purpose, even my grammar and fact checking is horrifying…)

Artie Shaw – Jeepers Creepers

I love the first 60 minutes of the movie. However, when you see the “monster” it goes downhill from then (it’s the good old “let’s completely overdo it”-mistake) and please,
never ever watch “Jeepers Creepers 2”, I died because I wasn’t drunk enough to laugh off the bad acting and the horrible script.

Muse – Newborn

If you haven’t watched “High Tension”, I dare you to, it’s so well acted and horrific that it is already a classic of the French cinema.
Also, I always thought that many Muse songs are perfect for depicting a mental breakdown.

PS: If you haven’t seen the movie but want to, rather wait with this music video as it may contain spoilers

Grandaddy – A.M. 180

Not only are they used for the intro of Charlie Brooker’s Screenburn (and we all know how brilliant Mr Brooker is), no, they made “28 days later” even more edgy. Apart from that, you all should have their albums at home because they rule.

The Andrew Sisters & Glenn Miller – Mr Sandman

To be quite honest, the first Halloween movie is creepy but I hate the ending because somehow, it doesn’t really have an ending. It’s as if the editor had enough of it and quit before assembling the last 5 minutes. However, the soundtrack is one of the best horror movie soundtracks ever made.

This is the one without the movie, but it’s about ghosts and stuff, you know…

Menomena – Ghostship

I can’t praise this band enough, they are inventive, weird and manage to really make you think about their music. I take it as a compliment that my superior once told me off for putting “The Pelican” into the day-playlist of our radio station because he thought it was too disturbing and weird for the common radio listener. Well, they breed emotions, whether you like them or not, which essentially is the main goal of music, isn’t it?

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