Sweden, no wait, Finnland wins pt 1 – Rubik

Ah, this band is made of greatness.
There are quite some retro moments, this glamorous 70s sound where everything was grand and delicious, yet without the sleakness. Rubik are noisy, orchestral and messy and all that fits so well that I rather not name the bands they might or might not remind me of, because we really don’t have the time to spend the rest of the day reading bandnames, do we? They are just too diverse to do that and therefore, I am not going to.
All in all, this bearded piece of colourful music and brilliant musicians is so full of ideas, that they resemble a children’s picture of a day at the fair, actually, remembering the joy and excitement of childhood fits very well to their sound. If you ever feel like autumn and winter are dragging you down, just tune in this indie-pop beauty and you won’t even remember what sadness feels like.

This might be a hot shot for the next big thing in 2010. I’ll be damned if humanity doesn’t love them by then.


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