Ramona Falls – Listen up Menomena Fans!

Sometimes, I could just hit myself in the nuts, that is, if I had nuts. We had Ramona Falls at the radio station since weeks and because it was inbetween shitty bands, I didn’t really pay attention but alas! It’s Brent Knopf, my favourite Menomena voice and apparently the man behind the haunting piano tunes. His solo stuff is a bit softer but just as Menomena so much more interesting than 99% of the present music scene AND it is beautiful beyond comparison. It’s actually quite sickening how talented Danny, Brent and Justin are, together and solo. Brent worked with dozens of people on this project which got its name from a waterfall of Brent’s childhood memories. Because there are so many people involved, I won’t name them, Wikipedia and probably the album cover will take care of that. Let me just say that I am in awe of Mr Knopf and his musical ideas and that I already cherish every single note of Ramona Falls. This is the kind of music that is so good that you actually feel as if you’ve just fallen in love when you listen to it. His album “Intuit” is out, so get it because it won’t get better than this.

Here’s some stuff with him and his Digital Loop Recorder making it look as if what you see and hear is totally easy and not awesomly brilliant

And here’s the first single “I Say Fever” (I get excited even thinking about it)


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