Mumford & Sons pt. 3 or 4 or even 5, I don’t know – the album is out!

I feel like I’ve already said everything about this band since I’ve discovered them in July 2008. And since October 2009, their debut album “Sigh No More” finally* is available for our hearts and souls and moreover our ears (which are pretty necessary to enjoy this gem).
One might assume that their rural folk sound is carrying songs full of melancholy and despair but listen closely, Mumford & Sons offer glimpses of hope in songs like “The Cave” or “After the Storm”. Carried by banjos, accordeons and Marcus’ warm voice the band gives ways out of the dark in which we tend to get lost.
And so they hold hands and glue hearts together – preferably with violins and harmonic background vocals because it’s just too good.

Songs like “Thistle and Weeds” or the insanely powerful “Dustbowl Dance” are then again nearly violent, roaming through the room like wild animals. You can hear rainstorms gashing against your window when you listen to lines like “Seal my heart and brake my pride I’ve nowhere to stand and now nowhere to hide” with a roaring drum-solo at the end.

In the present folk scene Mumford & Sons are like a band that has travelled through time to give us those old tunes that will never lose their appeal and can inflame hearts and souls to help us through winter.
So here I am again, quite cheesy and teary-eyed because they continue to make my day and hopefully yours as well.


If you want to read more cheesy teary-eyed bits about Mumford & Sons, here they are, I shockingly wrote about them on a freakishly regular basis.

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