AU (pronounced ‘Ay You’ for everyone who is equally prone to pronounce ambiguous bandnames incorrectly)

What a brilliant combination, nearly country-esque guitars or hymnal pianos that remind of The National mixed with the surreal vocal style of bands like TV on the Radio or Celebration. AU from Oregon are perfect to drift in and out of sleep. Their music is etheral and dreamy, yet never irrelevant and there is a brilliance in the dramatic assembly of the songs. It is as if you are on a ship on the sea and ride on the highest waves and you don’t notice from your standpoint because you’re on top of them but you feel that there is something significant going on and you feel the rush of the moment.
I am having high hopes that this trend of bringing elements of African tribal music into contemporary Indiemusic might get into 2010 because bands like Yeasayer, BLK JKS and forementioned TV on the Radio and Celebration are definitely showing that this can’t fail to amaze us all.
The only thing that fails to amaze me is the bandname: STOP GIVING YOURSELF NAMES THAT CAN’T BE GOOGLED PROPERLY! It’s a pain.

RR vs. D
(don’t watch this video if you’re drunk, this will not make it a better experience. It might, however, be a better experience with being high but you never know how the drugs work maybe you end up being totally paranoid hiding in the closet with your shoe as your only weapon to kill off the colours that definitely wanted to get through the screen and kill you – so stay sober and watch it or do whatever you want and just listen while looking at something unthreatening like…erm, kittens)


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