Jay Farrar and Ben Gibbard

Although I am currently very much into innovative weirdos and cheesy 80s metal, I have to say that Jay Farrar and Ben Gibbard have done a mighty fine job with their soundtrack for the Jack Kerouac documentary “One fast move or I’m gone”.
The lyrics are actually taken from Kerouac himself, so this music is super-beatnik, although it sounds a lot more relaxed than you would imagine beatnik music to be (I don’t know, I always have irritating bongos and a shouting man in a black turtleneck in mind).
As one who really appreciates the thought of this movement but is secretly too conservative and self-conscious to live by it, I really appreciate this laid back beauty of a soundtrack that actually managed to calm me off after a really bad day.
I think everything that keeps me from bellowing at old ladies who walk too slowly in front of me is a thoroughly good thing.

These roads don’t move (by the way, they might look like it but they are not related in any way)


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