Dead Man’s Bones

Oh dear, it is very difficult not to go all groupie on this band as it is led by Zach Shields and Ryan Gosling who girls love because of the teary eyed “The Note Book”. But I didn’t see that movie, so I am safe from drooling all over Dead Man’s Bones (gross!) just because of him and furthermore, I only fell for them because of the incredible song “My body is a Zombie for you”. Those 50s tunes of pure heartbreaking misery underlined with this great kid’s chorus (which is the Silverlake Conservatory of Music children’s choir) is incredible.
I remember that my friend showed me the band a couple of years before, because she was one of those Notebook-addicts and she was pretty disappointed because instead of endearing ballads and schmaltzy lovesongs, she faced a band that was creeping with tales of the crypt, dirty folk and enough gothic tunes to scare any emo away.
So yeah, in contrast to trainwrecks like “30 seconds to mars”, this actor’s band is pretty awesome and oozes southern American folk, cheeky details (including the forementioned kid’s choir) and the grandness of the 50s (The Shangri-Las anyone?).

My body’s a Zombie for you (seriously, how often do kids give you a reason to like them? Right, never, but in this song I love all of their ghoulish faces)

They just got a new album out, so get up and spend some money!

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