White Hinterland

To be quite honest, although many have tried, until three days ago I thought there is no one who can adequately cover Justin Timberlake with the same professionalism and drive. Because all the covers that are out there are pretty immature “let’s just make it a screamo version hahahaha”-failures that have no innovation whatsoever.
BUT THEN they came and wowed me with their version of “my love”.
I am talking about White Hinterland, aka Casey Dienel and Shawn Creeden.
Although they come from Portland, their music sounds incredibly French which might stem from Casey’s incredibly French sounding singing voice.
Their music is creepy, old-fashioned, dissonant and sounds a little bit like Beirut now and then which is something you should be proud of (damn proud).
Casey was a beloved solo artist before but decided to do White Hinterland things with Shawn Creeden who is an awesome artist (I don’t mean this metaphorically in the sense of music but literally, he draws incredible pictures) and probably drew all the nice pictures on the homepage. He even has his own homepage (OMG!). On there he also says that Matt Meyer is part of the band but as he is not mentioned on the official Myspace-Page, I can’t vouch for that information.
Anyway, White Hinterland are exciting, experimental and through that even humorous. And they can cover Justin Timberlake – what a band.

My Love (JT cover, yeah, that’s what I call him, because he is my bro)

(Usually I would put up an original song of the band but this is just too good)


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