Hazards of Love – soon to be visualized

Although there is still one full month left, I am pretty sure that my number one album of 2009 will be The Hazards of Love. Remarkable, as I am usually torn between at least 6 records.
And while I am waiting for someone to pick up the storyline and make it into a proper movie (I somehow envision old-fashioned special effects, done by the Henson studios or with some great claymation…) the Decemberists had help from four filmmakers to make the experience of Margaret and William even more enchanting – by visualizing it remarkably.

By the way, I am planning on posting the whole story-line as far as I interpreted it before New Year’s Eve. I’ve already done it in German and only have to get myself to translate it properly. I am not sure it is perfect but I am absolutely convinced that it beats Ben Sissario’s (negative) review who got pretty much everything wrong. Maybe with a little help of my friends (meaning you, dear reader), we can assemble the best interpretation of this beautiful folktale.

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