Cover me badly: The Cure songs

There are people (I think, quite a few) who would consider a The Cure-cover as mere blasphemy and would burn everyone who tries. I think they make at least 50% of the people who would also burn everyone who covers The Smiths but I digress.
Now most of The Cure covers actually are shit because they are boring and sound nearly like the Cure except they are less good.
However, there are two cover versions of two rather known songs that I simply adore.

1. Editors – Lullaby

I am not lying, it is Tom Smith’s voice and nothing else. I’d become a satanist if he would tell me to, or even better, whisper it into my ear.
There is a way that “Lullaby” becomes less playful and simply frightening in the Editors version and somehow Tom Smith manages to make you feel claustrophobic with the urgence in his voice. I am in a really tough situation because I wouldn’t know which version I like best. The Cure’s version actually sounds like a Spider walking with long gaunty legs and Robert James Smith sounds as if he is already at the brink of sanity, whereas the Editors version is menacing and the vocals are more sane but deeply frightened. I love them both.



2. Marmaduke Duke – Friday I’m In love

Now, I don’t know how many bands have covered this song and failed, even Death Cab For Cutie, although quite charming, didn’t manage to make the listener not think “Man, I really want to listen to the original after this”. But Marmaduke Duke who have blessed us with a genious album (Duke Pandemonium) this year, have created a weird, off-putting electropunk-monster of this lovely love-song. The violently distracting drum-rhythms and the woozy intro and outro are pure bliss. I still love the original but when listening to Marmaduke Duke, I am torn between “Man, I really have to listen to the original after this” and “Man, I really have to listen to that one again after this”.


and the crayzay cover!


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