Countdown 2009 – the best albums, songs or whatnot this year

So, I decided to actually do this overdone thing of naming bands and songs and albums that rocked my 2009 because peer-pressure is a bitch and I am somehow in the mood right now to explain why the bands under this category deserve to be in it.
It will be a loose order, so no countdown (when it comes to music I can’t give you a countdown or you will have about 20 bands squeezing and shubbing each other on position No1.) I start with the most recently discovered band although apparently everyone else knows and loves them since July. Well, sod them, I was fighting with a dying laptop in July.

Dead Man’s Bones

I mean, seriously, this might be the first music project of an actor ever that is not only beyond barely tolerable but is absolutely genious (Now that I think of it, this could actually be the only one without any exageration).
Right now, I am sitting in my room and listen to the whole album and although I was impressed already when I listened to the few myspace songs, I am absolutely in awe right now because the album is in itself a frightening horrorbilly/indiefolk/songwriter beauty with hammond organ (never fails to impress me), echoing vocals that swoon through the air and dark pianos with those oh so eery lyrics.

Dead Hearts

The composition of the album as a whole is amazing, the somehow raw production adds to the anachronistic feeling and a old-fashioned America, where superstition is still an integral part of life, is grabbing your shoulders from behind and lets you shiver and the idea to let it sound like you are actually listening to a live concert is absolutely convincing with laughter and chatter in the background.

Name in Stone

The songs flow into each other, so you get in this weird daze where all those zombies, werewolves and corpses parade in front of your eyes while Zach, Ryan and the brilliant kid’s choir build their creepy yet clever universe of 50s horror movies.
What a band, I really didn’t think I would get this euphoric at the end of the year about a band, because usually cheesy Christmas songs and the favourites of earlier this year crowd my playlist.
But this is perfection.


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