The Basics

The Australian band has a very weird 80s/90s indie/pop feeling but not in the New Wave or Postpunk line but more in the relaxing, yet very smart direction of bands like Crowded House or the later stuff of Nik Kershaw (yeah, you can laugh as much as you want but this guy is pretty awesome once you get over the image of the shoulder padded white overall of the “Wouldn’t it be good” video).
The Basics however, mix it with occasional traces of contemporary arena-rock and at first I felt that I have to not like them because they faintly remind me of all those faceless softrock bands that replace each other in the charts without anyone noticing but I know there is a lot more to The Basics. This might be one of those Snow Patrol phenomenas; their music is so catchy and sticks into your head and it somehow reminds you, how seldom you get this kind of music without the bitter taste of sell-out in your mouth.
Especially because in every other song, they add some playful weirdness (“The Executioner” for example could very well be inspired by Kurt Weill) and therefore manage to surprise you throughout the whole album.
And while I am writing this, listening to their music to get a proper impression, I am already convinced that this album will grow on me a lot more than I had expected.
I am really not sure in which direction they will go because the line they walk on is thin but so far, this is a pretty good piece of music that hopefully won’t go under between all the present hip musical trends with loud guitar noises and nice shoes and all that.

With this ship


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