Countdown 2009 – best of albums, songs etc. – Maccabees

The lack of cynicism in the Maccabees’ music is a real feat these days, where pretty much everything has this sarcastic undertones (not that there is anything against that but sometimes it’s nice to not be above everything all the time and show some vulnerability).
Their second album “Wall of arms” got me slowly but with a love that still draws a fat smile upon my face whenever I listen to songs like “love you better” or “bag of bones”.
Of course, Orlando Weeks’ voice is one of a kind and lets me giggle like a schoolgirl because it is dreamy, there is no way around it.
But that’s not all of it, The Maccabees have a distinct sound that fits in the Britpop scene but has this honest tenderness that seeps even through songs like “No kind words” and that for one doesn’t let you become more and more aware how horrible humankind actually is.
And I am sooo happy that “William Powers” made it on the album because apparently, it almost didn’t.

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