Surfer Blood

Although I am trying to keep the countdown 2009 updated daily, I am also still on the lookout for old and new bands that need our attention.
So here is a lovely band called Surfer Blood who create a messy mixture of airy indiepop-tunes, 60s retro attacks and some smocking hot garage/shoegazer sound.
Their debut is waiting just around the corner and will be named “Astro Coast” with a cool shark-cover which might have the task to keep you from mindlessly running out to ride on the waves as soon as you hear the first tunes and stay put to listen to the rest of the album.
Their music is a lot of fun and is like a dirty hommage to cheesy surfer movies of the 60s.
And even if most of us sit somewhere cold, rainy and muddy, we can at least pretend we are on a warm beach while listening to this upbeat gem.

Floating Vibes

(apparently there was a comment on youtube comparing them to Joy Division, I don’t really hear that but that’s probably because I am too ignorant to compare every band who vaguely has the same guitar style to Joy Division. Probably also, because I have listened to more than just this song, so I know that they don’t really opt for a New Wave sound)


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