Countdown 2009 – best of albums, songs etc. – Miike Snow

I still don’t know whether I should be listening to them secretly but their songs are so catchy and although this year was freakishly un-electronic for me, these dudes got me.
I think that Bloodshy &Avant have a great deal to do with that as they know how to write popsongs that you can’t ignore (Toxic, anyone?)

And it’s somehow really admirable, how close they are sailing on the edge of cheesiness without any worries.


It’s actually scary because I had about every single song of their self-titled album stuck in my head at least once. I love the cheeky songwriting, although it’s not exceptional, it’s most of the time clever enough to make you smile (“Plastic Jungle” has to be one of the coolest of this year)
Plus, I absolutely adore it when dancy dance songs have lyrics full of despair which is why here’s “Burial” for you. Now I order you to dance!


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