Countdown 2009 – best of albums, songs etc. – The Temper Trap

Ah, those damn comparisons. Sure, without them we “reviewers” wouldn’t have much to say except “they sound nice” or give weird and pretentious metaphors (which are my specialty) but sometimes a comparison can actually ruin a band for you.
So I won’t say who they supposedly sound like because they don’t sound like that mysterious band as long as you haven’t heard the comparison. There, I saved you a frustrating listening experience.

Love Lost (live)

For a debut, the album “Sweet Disposition” is very ambitious and although it lacks a certain thread throughout, it has some of the most beautiful songs and a variety of styles that give a good impression onto how many directions they could take it in the future.
Whether funky indiesongs, stormy ballads or a very cool instrumental as outro, the lack of direction is a small minus and a big plus at once.

Dougy Mandagi’s voice is a brilliant trademark for them, his RnB style of singing is slicing through the air and accompanied with said guitars that seem to be flitter around the room and drums that lay the rhythm without vanishing in the background (which tends to happen too often these days), they deserve all the love they get from the media. Now that I think of it, their percussions are generally brilliant as they creep into your head without you noticing it.

I do think that you have to listen to “Sweet Disposition” a couple of times to really get into it, because it can pass you by at first, especially if you are into more exentric music. It does need some attention, but I promise you, with songs like “Love Lost” it will get you sooner or later and if you want to add another song for your “yeah songs!” collection just tune in “Down River” because it’s fantastic.


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