Countdown 2009 – best of albums, songs etc. – Passion Pit and Noah and the Whale

Passion Pit

This band did a fun and perky debut this year and produced one of my faovurite songs 2009 with “Moths Wings”. I love the way, they use a kid’s choir in “Little Secrets” which is cheesy but somehow in a cheeky way. In the vast amount of bands who try to merge danceable electronic music and indie, Passion Pit are one of the few who actually manage it seamless without one song being purely indie and one being purely electronic (that always feels like you’re listening to two bands who decided to do one album).

And their infamous “Sleepyhead” has to be one of the most cleverly designed songs that should cause headaches but actually are far from it.
All in all, “Manners” is a feelgood album surpreme and has those great airy moments where you just want to drive around with your friends and have one of those good times you get to see in Coca cola spots.

Noah and the Whale

2009 was the year of the second Noah and the Whale album and gee, were some fans disappointed. Because the debut was fun, cheeky and bite-sized whereas the second album “The First Days of Spring” is an ambitious concept album about a breakup (probably Charlie Fink’s) that is also being accompanied by a movie and it’s mostly melancholy, heavy with orchestra and it takes its time. It’s brilliant and beautiful. So here’s the deal: forget the debut, or rather forget that the debut was made by Noah and the Whale and just pretend this is their first album ever and you will fall in love.

The music is so tender composed that the whole album seems to breeze through the room and the uplifting “Love of an Orchestra” as well as the lyrics show that the ‘old’ Noah and the Whale are not dead, they just shifted their musical talents to a more melancholic direction which you already heard in “Give a little love” from the debut.
So embrace their new album, don’t expect to dance and just give them the love they deserve for such a grand project.


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