Countdown 2009 – best of albums, songs etc. – Florence and the Machine

This girl was a really nice distraction from cutsie popstars a la Lily Allen, Kate Nash, Duffy etc. No offence, I like their music but too much candy-pop gives me toothaches and Florence Welch was finally someone who dared to sing about cutting out eyes which is a nice feat for horrorfilm-freaks like me.
Her music is romantic and gruesome at once, her lyrics are delightfull because of all the goriness and with in them. The songs are incredible, “Cosmic Love” is one of those epic songs that feel like standing on a cliff and seeing huge stormclouds coming up.
The production of the album is made as if you are standing live in front of them and there are so many details within the instrumentals that you can’t get bored of her music.

Another big huge plus for her is the vast variety of her songs without changing her signature style too much (damn, I watch too many cooking shows). “Falling”, “Blinded” and “Raise it up” are all exquisite on their own and could have been written by three different people but they add up to a complex album without feeling out of place.
Florence’s love for heavy and nearly intimidating choruses and a very strong percussion section give the album – if I may say so – the certain “umph” which many female solo-artist’s work lack just to be cute and charming.
Florence’s work is dark and full of black humour and has a really brooding Rock’n Roll sensuality which is mainly due to Ms Welch’s incredible voice.
I may be a little bit more in love with Bat For Lashes’ “Two Suns” but Florence Welsh did an incredible job with her debut and makes me look forward to her future work.

(The only thing that bothers me slightly is how many covers this girl did in the last couple of months. I mean, she obviously has mad songwriting skills so why waste her talent on cover-songs? I love most of her covers but there are soo many!)


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