Countdown 2009 – best of albums, songs etc. – Mumford and Sons

Yeah, obviously, they made it into this list, after all, there is no other band that got mentioned by me more often in the last twelve months.
And did I smell a bit hit there or not? After all, they are beloved wherever they play and they get huge myspace-attention and they play around the world right now.
All because of me, obviously…or not.
Anyway, I loved the way they pimped some of their songs with orchestral grandness on the album, I’ve heard almost all of their songs before but the album turned some of them into even more perfect pieces of timeless music to get all teary-eyed and smiley.
Like the album version of “Winter Winds” (previously known as “My head told my heart”).

Winter Winds (it’s a music video!)

I think, I said it about a hundred thousand times and I fully allow you to throw metaphorical* stuff in my face for repeating myself, like an old lady talking about her first love, but I have not met any other band that has presented me with more hope on a shiny silver plate than they did and some dark hour got a bit more bareable with them.

Sigh No More (this is an unofficial video to the song by Jonathan Woodhead)

*It has to be metaphorical in most cases because you don’t know where I am.


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