Countdown 2009 – best of albums, songs etc. – La Roux

I actually had enough of electro by spring 2009, after about 3 years heavy rotation everywhere but La Roux are one of those electro duos that make it work. Maybe it’s the man-woman-combo that does it, with the woman obviously being in the front all shiny and glamorous while the guy does all the nerd-stuff in the background (he is called Ben Langmaid, just in case you want to know).
Although I strongly feel that a lot of their sound can be heard much more innovative in Late of the Pier’s music, La Roux have produced an excellent album with disco songs of the 21st century. Their music is just so chic and catchy that you can’t help but hum it in the elevator and the 80s references are shiny and (appear) new.
They are also one of those bands who work so well for the popculture because they combine fashion and music with a style that hypnotizes you and lets you wake up from the haze three months after with a wardrobe full of jumpsuits, shoulder padded neon jackets and plastic earrings.

to cut it short – they’re fun – a lot of fun.

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