Countdown 2009, best albums etc. – The Black Atlantic and The Lonely Island

The Black Atlantic

The Netherlands are not really a category in my music collection (unlike Canada for example) but maybe I should start giving this country full of happy people a chance because The Black Atlantic were born there and grew up and learned instruments and finally made an album called “Reverence for fallen trees” which is such a delicate gem of an indiefolk album. Seriously, if you ever wanted to know how the word “delicate” might sound if it were music you can now tune into The Black Atlantic and will know. It’s so sweet and detailed, it’s like lace.
Geert van der Velde, head and vocalist of the band, has put memories of his late grandmother in the songwriting and it shows, so that songs like “Ocean and Peril” are so full of love and sadness that they break your heart.
It’s a lovely album by a promising band that hopefully will get the attention they deserve soon.


The Lonely Island

Ok, so this is one of my guilty pleasures of 2009 but I can’t help but put this album up into my best of because The Lonely Island rule (not only because they made one of my favourite comedies ever). Usually, I don’t think that much of comedy-music because although quite a few artists are really really funny, their lack of proper songwriting wears the songs and jokes off very soon. But the Lonely Island love the music they make fun of and therefore give credit to the amount of work that goes into the production. Which means that you actually can dance to their songs (how about that Weird Al?). And having Julian Casablancas and Norah Jones as cameos is pretty much priceless.
PLUS, they got the grammy for “dick in the box” which means that they are the reason that there is a grammy on this beautiful world with the word “dick” engraved on it. Seriously, how much more can you rule?

Cool guys don’t look at explosions (it’s not on the album but it’s so good because Neil Diamond is in it!)


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