Countdown 2009, albums, bands etc. – Marmaduke Duke

I love Marmaduke Duke, not only because when I read their name for the first time, I thought someone had made an editorial mistake no, they are awesome because their music is like Mclusky decided to make popmusic and asked Frank Zappa how to do it…or something like that.
Their album “Duke Pandemonium” has too many moments of mindblowing brilliance, alone the intro for “Erotic Robotic” does weird things to your brain and the journey continues like a Hunter S. Thompson’s trip to Disneyland.

Erotic Robotic live (the video is quite shaky but the sound is superb)

And although most songs have a really disturbing note to them, there are really sweet bits like “Kid Gloves” as well, which was actually the first one I’ve heard and that got me sold.
Marmaduke Duke are actually Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro) and JP Reid (Sucioperro), I guess they wanted to explore how far they can go with their musical instincts and made it somewhere between moon and mars.
Alone the fact that they managed to cover the Cure’s “Friday I’m in love” with an actually innovative version shows that these guys have so much potential to be our musical heroes in the future.

Rubber Lover (l…l…love the lyrics)

There is so much scizophrenic stuff to be found in each song, it’s like listening to two songs at once and it doesn’t get boring and always stays somehow catchy enough not to get annoyed. I’d say apart from Menomena there is no other band who manages that.


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