Countdown 2009: bands, etc. – Ramona Falls

Menomena is one of my most favourite weirdo bands ever. They play live with shorts and pulled up white socks and make goofy yet somehow philosophical low budget videos and they have a musical aesthetic that is astounding.
I still could kick my ass for having found them about 8 months too late otherwise I could have seen them live but my ignorance was miss (urgh, it’s pun time folks).

Anyway, as the time till the next Menomena album seems to expand into an abyss any sign of any band member is more than welcome and who would have thought that it would not be Danny Seim with his great solo act lackthereof but Brent Knopf with something new: Ramona Falls.
Brent Knopf, the Menomena-piano-man is brilliant in playing with fullness of sound, violent and soft sounds and the layering of details. His album is less cheeky than all Menomena albums but has the same eclectic use of sounds and emotionally complex lyrics. It’s music that wrenches your guts and every nerve goes tense when you listen to songs like “Russia”, it’s like the moment of breathing in out of excitement.

You never know where the song will leave you when you started it, the whole album is a wonderful ride through music that demands a great deal of you but is worth every little bit.
a very intimate live performance of “The  Darkest Day”


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