Countdown 2009, best albums etc. – Gavin Castleton

This beauty of an album called “Home” is definitely one of the weirdest records this year because it doesn’t sound anything like the Folk/Electro-weirdness we got accustomed to from great bands like Dan Deacon, Ramona Falls, Grizzly Bear etc. No, in a mad strike of genius Gavin made a musical-like album about zombies with bits of RnB, electric doodles, 50s tunes and a brilliant co-singer named Lauren Coleman who has the crystal clear voice of a cartoon princess. It’s opulent and at times so catchy that it’s madness that none of the songs got into the charts.

My favourite: Coffeelocks

The whole album is such a wild ride through the world of zombies, musicals and the 50s that you can’t believe how much it works even while listening to it.
I dare say that every best of 2009 albums-ranking without this album has missed one of the most ambitious and well made pieces that transfers the pains of a break-up into a horror-scenario that feels real at times (just listen to the “Onslaught”, it’s actually scary). Above all, this is so well produced and pulled together with so many details, styles and musical means that most other albums sound nearly plain after this.



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