Countdown 2009 – My personal, absolute, definite favourite this year

Ok, although I stated otherwise, there was one definite favourite this year, something I’ve never before encountered because usually it depends on my mood which one is my current favourite.
But – and this is far from a surprise, a twist or anything – The Decemberists did it this time with the epic “The Hazards of Love”.
What can I say, I am a sucker for rock operas, folk tales and folky music with a little bit more to it so there was not really anything I could do to not fall in love with this gorgeous story about two lovers who want love but can’t have it (oh, the old tale).

Everything – from the great organ opener, to the heartbreaking last song “The Drowned” is so perfect that it sounds like it has been carved out of a tree. There is not a single note misplaced, the lyrics are cheeky, smart and enchanting as ever, guest singers Becky Stark as Margaret and the amazing Shara Worden who makes most other female singers blush in awe as the cruel forest queen are a great addition to the otherwise already phenomenal Decemberists.
This album will be one of the great music pieces I will look back on as an old and crazy lady and it will make me proud to have lived in a time where music like this was made.

And this might be the great afterthought that “The Hazards of Love” brought into my mind after weeks/months of heavy rotation and barely any other songs: If records like this still can be created then it is impossible to say that the age of great music is over and that we all can only wallow in the shadows of Led Zep, The Who, Genesis, Zappa, King Crimson, The Beatles etc. Anyone who claims this might just have missed a lot of current bands and therefore thinks so out of ignorance but – and I am well aware that this sounds a bit like a pathetic monologue – music is always at its peek, you just have to keep your ears open…and stop being such a cynical old person who got stuck in the 60s and won’t come out like a cranky little kid!

Here’s some music to soothe you…


3 thoughts on “Countdown 2009 – My personal, absolute, definite favourite this year

  1. I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link


    1. Thanks for the info, although it is a mystery to me why anyone would pick this review and not one of the hundred professional ones out there.


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