Best Music Videos: Firekites – Autumn Bed

Since Kanye West declared “single ladies” by Beyonce as the best music video of all times, I wake up screaming because I dreamt that it was actually true.

Fortunately, Beyonce’s softporn reference to the 80s is not even close to an even moderately good music video (even if Kanye and MTV think otherwise). And to prove that this section will from now on randomly present great music video findings (recommendations are appreciated).

Now, to my first find:

The tender indie song by the Firekites with the nearly whispered guitar and violin is already next to perfect but Yanni Kronenberg and Lucinda Schreiber make something impeccable out of it with this mesmerizing animation. It reminds me of the animations I watched as a kid when they made up lack of CGI perfection with creativity and love to detail.


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