Laura Veirs

I think I should have known her since ages, as she has already released about 7 studio albums and masses of other stuff and is on the music market since 1999. But I haven’t, actually, I just stumbled over her because I am a huge fan of Doug Savage’s Savage Chicken comics and he did the music video for her first single “July Flames” from the same-titled new album and posted it on his site. And besides really enjoying the video, I loved the music a lot. In contrast to most folky female songwriters, Laura Veirs has really clear vocals and compositions, opposed to the usually rough and urban sound of music like this. She somehow reminds me of Tegan and Sara, who started out at the same time but I find Laura’s music a little more endearing because it’s a bit darker and the songs have a great dramaturgy. The timing of musical details is also quite brilliant. It’s a pretty good start to the new year, don’t you think?

July Flame (yeah, the D.Savage video is here, please notice the chicken mug and post-it at the beginning of the video which is – by the way – incredibly beautiful)

(btw, the coverart of her album reminds me a lot of Carson Ellis’ drawings but I am not sure, it’s her work. I’ll update as soon as I hold the record in my hand)


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