You can’t do that on myspace anymore

Before I start talking about the following artist (above this blog entry) which I really like, I have to blow off some steam. I usually search through myspace to find interesting new and old artists, but it gets more and more annoying because apparently bands don’t really bother to try out the experience of visiting their own sites, otherwise they would know that following things are not posh or multimedial but genuinely irritating:

1. I like it when you offer videos and other stuff besides the myspace-media-player, what I don’t like is, when everything starts at the same time, creating a chaos of noise and furthermore turning it into some sort of “where is waldo”-game, except that you have to search for miniature media players and videos to figure out which one of those 6 apps are running, so you can stop them until only one runs, so you can really listen to the music. (Here’s an idea that would get an insane amount of respect from me – if you’d manage to create a song by starting all players at once, each with a different audio-track, which also individually create some great pieces of music).
2. The more animation, video and audio-gimmicks you put on your page, the longer it takes to load (especially the songs on the media player which are the most important thing on your site – at least that’s what I always thought). Yeah, sometimes it’s funny to see an animated avatar or bandpic but I’d rather spare myself that little treat to equally spare me from waiting ten minutes till the song starts
3. The style of your page is important, I know that because we are superficial, shallow idiots who love style and beauty but if I need a compass to find something simple like the names of your band members or the “add as friends” button then it’s like a date with an empty-headed-hunk – it’s too much work to find something remotely interesting and meaningful to keep it going.

I went to your page because I wanted to listen to your music and maybe get some vital info about your band/project. I don’t care if you majored in web-design!


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