Owen Pallett (prepare, this is a long entry

Ok, what is it that there are so many single musicians out there who have such grand visions that so few bands have? Do you really have to be one of those weird, solitary kids to make exceptional music?
Take Owen Pallett, who has been known for “Final Fantasy” (not to be confused with a German trance (brr) act of the same name) and who’s composed his first piece on violin with 13 (I avoided make-up by the age of thirteen and had to undergo a Clueless-related makeover by my friends with horrible consequences just to give you a comparison of what normal weird kids do at that age).
With a classical education, his music is highly influenced by the violin but also has the fantastic storyline of classical music, meaning that there is a certain flow and dramaturgy to the songs that are not only incredibly impressive but the instrumentals alone can stand on their own without the vocals (which is quite seldom in indie-music these days).

Song song song (this one sold me)

If you like Sufjan Stevens, you will love Owen Pallett because next to the playful orchestral pieces of Sufjan, Owen’s music appears not only more crafted in the complexity of the details but also a lot more sophisticated in the story it tells.

And guess what, he provided the mundane background (although you can hardly call it background) for “The Age of the Understatement” of The Last Shadow Puppets and conducted the London Metropolitan Orchestra for it. Pretty impressive, ey?

Lewis takes off his shirt (from the forthcoming album “Heartland”)

Supposedly, he works on the new album of The Arcade Fire (for whom he worked on their previous two albums as well) and a movie score. He’s already worked with Jim Guthrie, the Hidden Cameras, Beirut, Grizzly Bear, Great Lake Swimmers, Fucked Up, Pet Shop Boys, The Rumble Strips, Mika, The Mountain Goats, etc. And he’s 30. So, while you can read THIS interview with him (which is kinda interesting because he talks about atheists and how they nevertheless need something to believe in to cope with life itself), I will now lay down and cry because I am 25 and have accomplished next to nothing in my life so far…well, I’ve won the reading contest in fourth grade, that was pretty awesome….


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