Cover me a cappella

You gotta have balls to do Nirvana as an a cappella version, especially if you’ve been a one hit wonder for the cheesy (but oh so good) “Only You” a cappella version that made my early teenage years a bit more embarrassing but also a bit nicer.
I am talking about the Flying Pickets, a British group who really did “Smells like Teen Spirit” and believe it or not, I can’t decide whether I am deeply repulsed or actually intrigued. They got the atmosphere down, it’s depressing and brooding and…well, the end is a bit weird, with the “ding dong”-thingy (where does that come from?). Anyway, thought it was interesting and this is what I am going for this a cappella week so don’t take it as a recommendation but rather as a taste of the weird world that is Glee club.


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