Yeasayer are back and I am so happy

Finally, the band that 2008 created the album that eventually put bands like MGMT and Empire of the sun into perspective (and therefore somehow diminished their appeal but who cares if you get something like “All hour cymbals”?) and were responsible for the brilliant percussion of Bat For Lashes’ second album “Two Suns”.
Yeasayer are one of those bands that stand on their own, defy a specific genre, sound modern, primal and global at once and always feel so epic.
If you need music that somehow makes you acknowledge the greatness and overwhelming grandness of the universe and life and everything look no further. They are basically a musical “42”.
Their new single “Ambling Alp” is – guess what – amazing and comes with a crappy 80s style video that somehow works because the symbolism actually seems to have some meaning instead of just mixing some weird CGI effects and disco lights without reason.
I also noticed that Yeasayer are one of the few bands who have some very strong electro-elements without sounding too hysterical* which makes their music so timeless.

Ambling Alp (Look! It’s naked people, how gross – or great? Decide for yourself!)

*Hysterical in this context: To sound very hyper which is in most cases great but sometimes suggests that it’s impossible for those bands to create relaxed and smooth songs with the same means.

PS: For a good old mindfuck go to this homepage but don’t do it at night, it might freak you out.


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