you can stand under my a cappella eh eh eh

If you love a cappella versions by indie dudes, the blogotheque is the best adress for you my friend, this is where I found Bon Iver, who makes our hearts bleed whenever he starts to sing but we like it, don’t we. He did a great version of “For Emma” and if I am not mistaken they got interrupted at the end which is quite charming.

Plus, I might have found the only a cappella group in the world (or on youtube, depending on your definition of the world) who do mainly indie songs and probably listen to them at home as well. This is the Pixies with “Where is my mind” a cappella’d by the Blue Ribbons Glee Club. They’ve also done a Fugazi song, pretty cool, ey?


Because today is Steve Perry’s birthday, I want to say how much I love “Don’t stop believing” and how much I hate what Glee made of it. They dismembered, cheesed up and killed this awesome song and how can you ever think that this main vocalist who has a voice like a shy puppie can even remotely come close to Steve Perry? At least the she-vocalist is giving some power but overall the whole version is just embarrassing and feels like you’ve just watched something you thought would be kinda fun but eventually left you a little bereft of your innocence.

So here’s the glorious original with equally glorious tight pants. How can anyone say that the 80s sucked?


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