Up in the air

I just watched the movie and really enjoyed it, although most critics say it’s George Clooney who is incredible, I was especially surprised by Anna Kendrick who was amazing combining comic talent and a certain melancholy into her role.
Anyway, as this is no movie-blog and has no intention to become one, I wanted to praise the soundtrack. More than once I wished to write down the lyrics and google the hell out of the songs. It’s amazing but Jason Reitman (who also directed the movie) created a truly timeless soundtrack and I am not just saying that because it sounds pretty, no, it really is because it mixed songs from the 60s, 70s and present and that in such a perfectly seamless way that anyone who doesn’t know all of the artists would actually not think that all the songs are from different decades and in ten, twenty or even thirty years I can imagine that it will still be the same.
There’s an especially beautiful scene at a wedding with no dialogue and just the score which I probably will have to record some day to run it whenever I have a bad day. It’s so perfect that you want to get a beamer and wake up to it every single morning.

Sad Brad Smith – Help yourself (this is the song at the wedding, sadly enough with no video but the song can stand on its own)

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