A Cappella – a review

Oh my God, there was an actual Sing-Off show (gee, those a cappella people are really uncool) on the NBC. I feel like I accidentally stumbled into a beehive full of a cappella groups. Even the Pokemon theme song is a classic in this world. How is that possible? Not even the writing team of “Sliders” could have thought up such a mad thing. One group called themselves “Face”. Either they are really big A-Team fans or they just like saying “Face’s style is in your face” because they think it’s funny. It’s not.

So, what did our journey through the world of a cappella taught us?
a.) a cappella groups are kinda uncool
b.) a cappella dance moves always look like your dad or uncle are dancing to Hip Hop – not so good (to proof that, here’s a whole bunch of dads and uncles, doing Bon Jovi’s “Livin on a prayer”)

c.) a cappella versions by the bands who composed the original song are always awesome.

And here’s a winner of the whole a cappella experience:

With this, this a cappella round ends, I feel like I’ve written the word “a cappella” at least a hundred times and I am – I have to say it again – really embarrassed about all the awkward “hip” dance moves, I encountered.
But I learned something. I don’t know what but I am sure I did.


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