Erland and the Carnival

Mix the hammond-filled mod-sound of the early sixties with the pondering songwriter of the present, add some nice black suits and turtle necks and you have Erland and the Carnival.
I was wondering, why the sound of the Last Shadow Puppets wasn’t followed by more bands of the like and finally there is one that lives up to it without copying it. It’s pretty easy to forget that you are listening to a new band, as their sound is like a journey back in time and space plus it inherits some influences from old Scottish folksongs which are never wrong in my book.
The one name behind this music we all know some way or the other is probably Simon Tong who you might know from the Verve or Blur or the Gorillaz or the Good the Bad and the Queen. Recently he not only plays in this great band but also in Transmission another supergroup. He also set up a new record label together with Youth (or Martin Glover for everyone who finds nicknames like this irritating).
It’s hard to imagine that such a busy guy can really create such a complex array of songs but hey, he has some fabulous musicians by his side, Erland Cooper (who gave name to the band, writes the songs and does the vocals), David Nock, Andy Bruce, Danny Wheeler (not the basketball player) and Georgia Sands.
I really like their sound, it suits this cold white that settled everywhere in Europe and screams for cool music with “Divine Comedy”-esque vocals.

The harder I fall

By the way, their album is out now, so hurry (don’t slip on the ice, though) and get it. Or better order it on the internet that prevents you from slipping, except you are ordering it while you are standing on a very slippery piece of ice or floor but that would be nonsense…)


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