Don’t let yourself fool by their looks, I know, three young hipsters nowadays might imply some intolerable Nu Rave or perky Britpop and the fact that not one of them wears a manly beard worries me really, but “Sunderbans” (named after an Indian National Park) have a lot of potential and hopefully come to a point this year, where a whole album leaves their young, beardless hands and enters our lives.
Their sound is a hard-to-describe mixture of 90s indiefolk that has this brooding melancholy, depressed guitars and vocals that at first sight might appear very simple but play with harmonies and moods in a quite intriguing way. “Saw you in the dark” sounds like the shoegazer-trend that’s been going on for a while now, but “Road Kill” is an incredible piece of music that blends British postpunk of the late 80s/early 90s with a folky attitude (mainly due to the vocals) and is hard to forget once listened to.

Road Kill (this is an incredibly beautiful video)

The best thing: you can download the song for free here!


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