So I watched the last episode of Dollhouse and was moved and mad at the same time because apparently FOX has this evil plan to let Joss Whedon do a series, then offer him a second season so we all can exhale and hope for another Buffy and then cancel it halfway through the second season due to fallen ratings which only did because of poor promotion and bad timeslots just so we all will be crushed because we just grew fond of all the characters and the plot.
Anyway, I also heard this young lady sing one of the last songs we hear and I had to know who it was and thanks to the internet I now do know.
It’s Lissie*!
Lissie does some great female songwriter stuff that has a lot of the 90s indiepop fronted by women (I am thinking of Mazzy Star or Cowboy Junkies) and lives by her strong vocals that clearly have the Blues. Sometimes she sounds like a Nelly Furtado of the past (you know, the likeable one), then again of Laura Marling but always great for a melancholic evening with a bottle of whine and some old foto albums. Just what we need in these weather conditions.

Everywhere I go (I’ll always associate this song with saying goodbye to “Dollhouse” now, sob)

*You gotta read the text on her myspace site, it was written by Sean Moeller (from daytrotter) and is really good.


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