Fool’s Gold

Luke Top and Lewis Pesacov are the two brains behind this incredible collective of musicians that blends mainly African music styles with contemporary pop music. The result is more global-sounding than bands like Vampire Weekend or even Yeasayer* and has a strange attraction.
Most of their songs are sung in hebrew which raises the question why not more bands (who have singers like Luke Top) try it out because it’s a beautiful language.
Some of the musicians of this often losely composed group are from quite famous bands (e.g. We are Scientists) and add to this feeling of community.
Call me a cheesecake but there is a certain unity to this music that blends tradition, innovation, pop and roots in such a seamless way that you can’t help but feel warm and comfortable.

Surprise Hotel (Despite what I just said, the video is just plain weird and I haven’t figured out yet if that’s good)

*Coincidentally (or not) both of these bands come from Brooklyn and were formed around 2006. When I hear the term “Afropop meets Indie” I still think of Yeasayer first, although Vampire Weekend obviously are a bit more popular. I wonder whether they know each other or got influenced by each other in any way because it is a really odd coincidence, isn’t it? Maybe it’s a certain scene there in Brooklyn that just threw tons of Afropop parties back then…


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