Wolf Gang

I’ll probably do a show about wolves in the next couple of weeks because it’s kinda evident that the term “wolf” in the bandname or songtitle is bound to bring brilliance and success.
Wolf Gang sounds a lot like the depressed MGMT at first (ear)-sight (unless you are listening to the German Dark-anything band with the same name).
However, even if he has a strong 80s style about him, it tends more towards the New Wave/Post-Glam/Postpunk movement of that era instead of the electro-cloud that MGMT love so much.
Max McElligot’s (that’s his real non-wolf-including name) influences include Bowie and Kate Bush, so he has laid the bar pretty high but believe it or not, occasionally you get the impression that he might have the right flair to get it right.

What I’ve heard so far is incredibly catchy, yet never too easy, it reminds me of Echo and the Bunnymen vs. Duran Duran (without the heavy voice) and – yes – some Bowie here and there.
I think he is edgy enough, not to become too annoying once he hits the radio stations (which he probably will, the songs are so good to dance to). Songs like “Pieces of you” definitely have a certain The Cars style that is just too violent to end up on ringtones.

The King and all of his men


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