Frightened Rabbit – The Winter of Mixed Drinks

He didn’t want to write another record about break-ups because he hadn’t had any that year, so far Scott Hutchison on the new album from Frightened Rabbit.
But don’t be scared, the result is still melancholy and oozes sadness.

However, although the lyrics are still praising the desperate outsider who seemingly can’t feel redemption between people and therefore chooses solitude to be able to breath, the music is jolly, even upbeat at times. Songs like “Living in colour” even suggest something like happiness which seems so foreign in the world of Frightened Rabbit.

But how well it suits them and the album is such a remarkable collection of layered, strong songs, that it’s easily one of the Top 2010 contenders.
There is so much going on that the band actually had to recruit another man to recreate all this festive greatness on stage.
I think we all need a break, there have been too many artists (Noah and the Whale, Port O’Brien) who have turned from happy bands to the pondering sad beauties they are now and although we still love their music, it’s really great to (for once) hear a band turning into the other direction without suddenly losing depth.
The Winter of mixed drinks is the perfect soundtrack for the tender steps out of this rough winter, it’s not too jolly, so you don’t risk slipping on the molten ice just because you were skipping along the road but it’s not too depressive, so you can get the lack of sun back with some sunny melodies.

And my American Idol obsession continues, so you may skip this again, if you are not into it:

On another non-indie note: Even though it wasn’t his best performance, I am still rooting for American Idol’s John Park and I still think that his song and vocals have been great, even if it was a bit bumpy at the beginning  (Sorry, but he is the only contestant whose voice actually doesn’t sound like you’ve heard it about 100000 times before in some ad for coke or cars or underwear). I liked the classic rendition, what’s so wrong about being old-fashioned, why does it always have to be flashy and rocky? And I am not even worried about my mad indie street cred talking about this because I know that real talent can even happen in a show like American Idol. It was very unlikely, but there you go, the world is a wondrous place.


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