Darwin Deez

First of all: John Park is through to the next round, yeeha!

Ok, back to business.

Every year, heck, every season needs its own charming young male solo-performer. He can have a band when he’s on tour but he initially needs to be a little bit solo, weird, stylish enough to be kinda cute and – of course – talented.
This year’s bet for the summer-favourite is Darwin Deez whose hairstyle is a bit of a solo-artist itself but the most important thing is, that his music is great simple indie pop.
Admitted, he doesn’t invent a new genre, but for our indie summer heroes we don’t need inventive weirdness but airy, bubbly indiepopsongs we can clap along to and dance to and hum while we are melting somewhere in a lecture hall or in the office.
Just like all the other summer solo artists, his lyrics are cheeky and make you smile and this video would even make Michael Jackson proud:

the spring dance

Constellations (this is a proper song, without the dancing, though…aw)


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