Anni Rossi

THIS ENTRY IS SPONSORD BY RINGO, who was nice enough to introduce me to this artist, thanks for that. If you want to thank him as well, listen to his band Grisu and their raging stoner rock.

Gee, guys, I really thought 2010 would be your year, given that the last couple of years were crowded with brilliant female solo artists so that you would feel the fire burning to show them that you haven’t lost your spark yet. But so far, not that many have come forward and here is another female siren to show you how it’s done.
Anni Rossi is her voice, simple instruments and her very eager violin viola*. Her music is definitely right in the middle of the great US freak folk movement and sounds a bit like a blend between Regina Spector and Joanna Newsom (just switch the harp with the violin…there you go).
I love that she sometimes tortures her violin and also uses dissonance in her vocals, she is a great singer but not afraid to alienate the listener a little bit with deliberately being off-harmony now and then and there is a feeling of comfort when you listen to her songs, as if you’ve known her since years and just have come back to an old friend.
I gotta say, although I have just listened to her for about 20-30 minutes now, I already think that she will be a beloved favourite during this year.

The West Coast

*Violin is actually the term for a small viola (I am talking about the linguistic aspect of the words), viola-player William Primrose even once said that the viola is a violin with a college education. I say, William Primrose is a jerk but who am I to judge some elitist rambling? Anyway, thanks to smart-ass Ringo, I got that straight with the whole viola-violin mix.


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