Oh Brooklyn, you beautiful place. Ok, I don’t really know how beautiful you are because I’ve never visited you but you have to be gleaming because all those bands that blossom in your midst are beyond this world.
Take Clogs, who are a four-piece band from the US and Australia and who’ve created a diamond of an album. Coincidentally, they have Shara Worden from My Brightest Diamond as guest singer on numerous tracks who fits the classical compositions that interweave with harmonic vocals and guitars.
Listening to their album “The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton” puts you somewhere timeless amidst a Grecian forest with light simmering through the trees and nymphs bathing in clear lakes.
I’d say, if you either want to get in contact with nature or just long for it, you should definitely listen to Clogs and if you loved the softer ballads of the last Decemberists album or everything the Fleet Foxes have ever done, then you will absolutely adore them.

Cocodrillo (it’s a brilliant WTF-song, at the beginning you think that this is going to be absolutely horrible and then it turns into pure genius, plus, the audience sings along!)


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